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Have you any wool: pillows?

sheep-pixabayBy N.R. Mallery

I have loved my old pillow for years. That is a really good thing except for one problem, the words “for years.” It was getting old, and I decided, reluctantly, that it was time to replace it.

We spend much of our lives close to our pillows, breathing whatever scents come with it or that they acquire. I did not want to start off on the wrong foot with a new product. I wanted my new pillow to be not only comfortable but safe. I wanted to get a pillow that was entirely free of products that might off-gas or include toxic fumes or have otherwise harmful products.

Organic Adult Bed Pillows

Organic Adult Bed Pillows

I purchased two bamboo bed pillows that looked promising. Unfortunately, they turned out to be very disappointing. They were extremely heavy and much too thick to be comfortable. I tried to give them away, but everyone who tried them felt the same way I did. No one wanted them, and I felt that I had wasted my money. There clearly was a lesson learned here.

It happened that just as I was thinking about looking for another solution to my pillow problem, I got an email from Chris at Cate’s Garden. They had recently partnered with Mother Sheep Organics. I went to their website. It turned out that they had 100% organic pillows that are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and handmade in Canada. I ordered one.

Organic Throw Pillows

Organic Throw Pillows

When it came, I was extremely impressed. To start with, it is very light; it felt like it was only about one third of the weight of the bamboo pillow. The outer covering is made of 100% organic cotton, and it unfolds to a second 100% organic cotton case which is filled with what are called “wool pearls.” These are, as you might guess, 100% organic. The inner case has a nylon zipper allowing it to be opened, so the user can take some of the content out, adjusting the filling so the pillow is just perfect.

This is probably the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. As much as I loved my old one, this is by far my favorite.

The wool filling is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, and it repels dust-mites. Of course, it is also free of harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, so I know that I am not breathing harmful fumes off-gassed from synthetic products while I am sleeping.

Organic Youth Bed Pillows. Courtesy photos from Chris Molnar, Cate’s Garden and Mother Sheep Organics.

Organic Youth Bed Pillows. Courtesy photos from Chris Molnar, Cate’s Garden and Mother Sheep Organics.

Mother Sheep Organics has a variety of pillows to choose from. There are pillows especially made for toddlers, throw pillows and pillows for the rest of us. They may be purchased either filled with 100% wool pearls or filled with 100% organic shredded rubber.

The pillows come with a good care guide. They come with a three-year warranty, but that can be extended to a lifetime warranty by registering the pillow. (Have you ever heard of registering a pillow?) Also included with the pillow is a 35% off coupon on your next purchase.

So, I found that wool (pillow) even though the black sheep never did tell me where to find one. Now I can dream of the sheep in the meadow, while I rest on my comfortable new organic pillow.

Please see the ad on this page. Note that if you buy the pillow at Amazon, you can use this code “GETMSO25” to get 25% off on the purchase price.

The Mother Sheep Organics brand is owned by Family Matters Products Inc., a fast-growing, family-owned Canadian company dedicated to providing and sourcing natural, high-quality, toxin-free alternatives for the home and for your family. The web site for Mother Sheep Organics is

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