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Geothermal Tax Credit Bill Vetoed by Governor Cuomo

From NY-GEO:
We are disappointed to report that despite widespread support from so many of you, Governor Cuomo has vetoed the geothermal tax credit bill.  His veto message is included below.
Our friends in the legislature will work to include the tax credit in the 2017-18 state budget and we will be working with them on that front.
Thank you for your calls, emails, encouragement, and organizing work.  Thanks especially to the 160+ businesses, local elected officials and environmental organizations who signed our letter to the Governor.  The  work of New Yorkers for Clean Power and the Alliance for a Green Economy on this initiative has been incredible,
What shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle is that NY’s energy leaders are starting to acknowledge the importance of moving away from burning fossil fuels to heat our homes and businesses – and your advocacy helped.
What’s next? There are many steps we need to take together in the days to come.  For today, we ask you to consider the following two actions:

1.If you’d like to express your disappointment to the Governor at 518-474-8390, that would be appropriate.  It is important for elected officials to hear about it when they disappoint us.

2. Please save the dates of April 19th and 20th for NY-GEO 2017 – Helping NY meet its greenhouse gas goal – 40% by 2030 – NY-GEO’s annual conference in Albany NY.  This industry WILL RISE to cut the use of fossil fuels for heating.  We invite you to stand with us in the process.
Below is the Governor’s veto message.  It is framed to put the best light on the State’s efforts.  However, the net effect of those efforts in the short term is minimal.
This is a crucial time for New York homeowners, for geothermal workers across the State, and for all of us who need action on climate change.  The Governor’s failure to act is a tragic missed opportunity.  His unwillingness to fund this relatively small credit is puzzling in light of the huge investments he has committed for other energy sectors.

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