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CREW Solar: Spreading Sunshine across the Country!

Recent CREW install in Haledon, New Jersey. The homeowner will immediately experience a home value Increase of $29,000, and a 25 year electricity savings  of $31,000. Photo courtesy of Raciel Dimaren

Recent CREW install in Haledon, New Jersey. The homeowner will immediately experience a home value Increase of $29,000, and a 25 year electricity savings  of $31,000. Photo courtesy of Raciel Dimaren

By N. R. Mallery

CREW (Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide) is a different kind of solar company. This is because of a fairly simple philosophy: REDUCE, then PRODUCE. CREW’s mission is to help people reduce their energy consumption, then produce their own power and save money with solar. Reduce, then produce.

Jim Campbell, CREWs local senior solar expert, explained, “Our Solar Systems, in conjunction with our proprietary Energy Efficiency package, reduce ‘dirty energy’ in the home and then produce ‘clean energy’ for the home. By integrating an Energy Efficiency package into our Solar System design, we can reduce the customers net system cost, reduce the number of panels needed in their system, substantially reduce energy usage in their home, and help them achieve total ownership of their system sooner.” They can even do this with a $0-down solar loan program, effectively giving the power and money back to the people while they decentralize the energy production.

The company’s goal is to protect the planet by helping homeowners and businesses save a lot of money with their own solar power electric generation systems, all while having an important positive impact on the environment.

Campbell said CREW is active in many states now and is expanding, setting their sights on helping homeowners go solar in every state across America. Because of low prices, it is an ideal time for homeowners to switch to solar energy. Solar power can dramatically reduce utility bills and can protect customers from rising utility rates for years to come.

 Recent CREW installation in Massachusetts. Photo courtesy of Josh May

Recent CREW installation in Massachusetts. Photo courtesy of Josh May

CREWs model is also simple but powerful: whether youre talking about banks too big to fail, a political dictator, or a nuclear power plant, the concentration of power is a recipe for disaster. Because CREW is being focused on decentralization, that way of thinking is actually part of their corporate foundation. They decentralize their business model by cooperating with local installers, because everyone wins when dollars stay in the local community. Campbell said, “My goal is to do everything in my power to save people as much money as possible.”

All of CREW’s professional installers are NABCEP-certified and have successfully completed over 1000 solar installations. Their solar systems which are backed up by four separate layers of warranty protection.

The company specializes in both residential and commercial installations, using a new approach to help homeowners and businesses upgrade to solar. They focus on making the journey to solar as positive, stress-free, and simple as possible. They try to make solar a valuable investment – not just another monthly expense.

I love this job, and I love this company,” says Campbell. “I really enjoy educating people about their solar energy options while typically saving them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on energy costs. Every time I help a homeowner or business go solar, Im able to contribute and make a positive impact on the environment for future generations to come.” The philosophy keeps focused on one core fact, which is that with solar power, everyone involved can benefit.

Jim Campbell lives in Saratoga Springs, and teaches in Cambridge, NY. Learn more about CREW Solar at, or contact Jim at 518-812-6460 or at

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