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Catamount Solar is now accepting applications for their 2016 Community Grants Program – Deadline November 15

A progressive company operating as a workers’ cooperative, Catamount Solar sets goals beyond bottom line profits in assessing the impacts of its efforts. These include the desire to motivate positive social change in the areas they serve. To achieve this goal, Catamount Solar allocates 5% of its annual profit to support community and environmental programs and initiatives.

Co-founder Kevin McCollister heads up the grants program. “We hope that these investments will provide examples of successful, pro-active community change leading to more compassionate, livable and sustainable communities where we live and work”, said McCollister.

The funds are provided to 501(c)3 charitable organizations via targeted donations or as part of occasional solicited funding rounds.  In 2015 Catamount Solar donated more than $40,000 to community organizations in Vermont.  In 2016 the company will donate approximately $70,000.  The current fall proposal solicitation will distribute nearly $50,000.

Guidelines for the Fall 2016 Community Grants Program

This year Catamount Solar desires to focus its charitable giving in the communities where they do the majority of their work in the solar business.  Grants of up to $5,000 are available to 501(c)3 organizations that are based in the following Vermont counties:

  • Washington
  • Orange
  • Windsor
  • Caledonia
Local Community organizations from these counties may submit brief proposals detailing how they would utilize these grant funds.  Priority will be given to proposals supporting discrete projects that:
  • Support the basic needs (health, food, housing, employment) of low/moderate income people
  • Encourage environmental activism, particularly awareness and/or action related to climate change
  • Community enrichment – Arts, cultural activities or other projects that that bring people together and celebrate community spirit.

Proposals that link two or more of these sector goals are encouraged.

More information on qualifying and instructions for applying to Catamount Solar’s 2016 Community Grants Program are available at CatamountSolar.comApplicants must complete and submit the online or downloadable application by November 15. Grant funds will be distributed to awardees in December. Qualified projects should be completed by June 2017.

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