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Cast Your Vote for Climate on Nov. 8

Below is a message from Greenpeace.   Please vote for the candidates that understand that the #1 issue at hand is our fight against climate change — for the sake of leaving a planet that our children and grandchildren can survive on. Thanks for making this your reason for your vote on Nov. 8th!

 All of us here at Green Energy Times


In two short weeks, I will cast my vote in a presidential election for the first time.

As a young woman of color and student environmental organizer, I am acutely aware of the real, ethical choice we have to make this election. I will be voting for climate on November 8 because this election season will impact my generation and generations to come. 

Will you join me and pledge to be a climate voter?

I am a student environmental organizer at Duke University in North Carolina, currently fighting the construction of a brand-new gas plant on my campus. Every day, I am working to ensure that my institution of higher learning commits to bold, forward-thinking action for climate — not reliance on dirty fossil fuels. So much progress has already been made for our planet, and yet one of the candidates in this presidential election refuses to believe in climate change. 

That’s why I’m pledging to vote for climate. Take the pledge today!

We have a responsibility in this election to take a stand against the hate, bigotry, and climate denial that threatens our country. I find hope in the fact that my voice matters. I will be voting because this time, everything we stand for is on the line.

Pledge to be a voter for climate this November 8.

I’m showing up at the polls to make sure we elect leaders we can hold accountable to enact the positive movement for our climate that we need. I hope you will join me!

Claire Wang
Duke University Student Organizer, Greenpeace USA

P.S. We have the opportunity to shape history for the better — that’s why I’m voting for climate. Join me today.

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