Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Carbon Campaign Warrant:

To See if the Town will Support Policies Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions to a Sustainable 3 Tons Per Person Per Year

Whereas carbon dioxide released from combustion of fossil fuels beyond sustainable levels maintained by soil, forests, and oceans, poses an existential threat to our Town and to all Towns;


Whereas we can reduce, over the next two decades, average carbon dioxide emissions to a globally sustainable rate of 3 tons per person per year through the use of efficient renewable electricity and improvements in agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture;


Whereas the transformation to efficient renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture represents a policy for ecological economic growth. This will create jobs, strengthen our economy, and lead to the health and regeneration of natural capital and sustainable prosperity.


Whereas a global convergence, by all, on 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person per year will lead to a globally sustainable level of 21 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, the Town acting locally in support of our well-being and futures does therefore:

  1. Call upon the Selectmen to establish a Town Committee for Green House Gas Reduction and Ecological Economic Growth to develop plans to attain an average carbon dioxide emissions of 3 tons per person per year for our Town within 20 years.
  1. The Town Committee will conduct a complete inventory of our local carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions; develop plans for efficient renewable resource development and use, develop Town plans to support ecological economic growth, and recommend necessary steps for adaptation and self-protection from climate change.
  1. Urge our State Legislators and Congressional Representatives to take all necessary steps to provide technical, financial support, and investment for reaching a sustainable average carbon dioxide emissions of 3 tons per person per year through ecological economic growth and an efficient renewable energy transformation.

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