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PLYMOUTH, NH – Chief Rene Simon and a delegation from the Pessamit Innu First Nation will lead a presentation and discussion called Pessamit Innu First Nation Witness: What Northern Pass in New Hampshire Means to First Nations in Canada on Thursday, September 29th at 7PM in Room #144 in Boyd Hall at Plymouth State University. The doors open at 6:30PM. People can sign up online at .

Since 2010 Eversource Energy has promoted the Northern Pass international transmission line proposal to carry electricity generated by Hydro-Quebec’s massive reservoir system of dams from Canada through New Hampshire to the New England regional grid system. The Pessamit Innu First Nation live on the Pessamit Reservation on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in the Quebec Province of Canada. For years Eversource has claimed that Northern Pass would be environmentally friendly, green, and sustainable. The Pessamit have witnessed otherwise.

Plymouth State University’s Common Ground Student Organization and New Hampshire Sierra Club partnered with The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Appalachian Mountain Club and others to host the event. Free and open to the public. Non-students are encouraged to park by the ice-arena and welcome center off of Holderness Road Route 175A and take the shuttle to Lamson Library directly across from Boyd Hall on campus.

DATE: September 29, 2016

TIME: 7PM to 9PM Doors: 6:30

WHERE: Plymouth State University, Boyd Hall #144

Of the utmost concern of the Pessamit is the future of the rivers and wildlife. As protectors of the land and environment, they have witnessed dramatic destruction of the rivers caused by the electricity production and fear the extinction of the salmon on the Betsiamites River. Chief Simon and the delegation will share the story of the Pessamit Innu First Nation and environmental impacts they have witnessed on the river, as well as the conflicts they have with Hydro Quebec.

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