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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Schedule your VEEP kits and in-class workshops for the coming school year

VEEP lends curriculum resource kits to schools that include all the equipment you need to support energy and climate education. Reserve your kit for the fall now to ensure you can borrow one during the dates you prefer!

To see details of our kits and to request a kit, visit the Kits page at VEEP’s website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or e-mail your request to

In-class workshops
Thanks to continued grant funding, VEEP will once again be able to offer a FREE in-class workshop for every class in Vermont this year, and free days of workshops for New Hampshire schools as well.

The hands-on workshops meet NGSS standards for every grade level, and are a great way for students to learn science and energy principles and ways that they can take action on climate and energy issues.

VEEP is starting to schedule in-class workshops for the fall, so be in touch to set up a workshop for your students with your local VEEP educator. Check out the full list of workshop descriptions at our website, then call at 802-552-VNRG or e-mail

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