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Tour Scheduled at New Hampshire’s Largest Solar-Powered Brewery

Solar Array Tour
June 20th, 5pm to 9pm
Throwback Brewery, 7 Hobbs Road, North Hampton, NH
ReVision Energy will lead tours of a new rooftop solar array the company recently installed at Throwback Brewery, a women-owned pub in North Hampton. The 48-kilowatt array is the largest of its kind at a New Hampshire brewery, and the tour is scheduled to coincide with the first day of summer.
The array consists of 174 solar panels and three inverters, which convert direct current electricity produced by the array into alternating current electricity for use in the brewery’s daily operations. The array will generate approximately 60,465 kilowatt-hours of solar electricity each year, which is equivalent to offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions from 109 barrels of oil.
Representatives from ReVision Energy and Throwback Brewery will be on hand to answer questions throughout the evening.

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