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Please Help Keep Renewable Energy Going in Vermont

REV_Logo_SmAn appeal from Renewable Energy Vermont

Legislators will return to Montpelier this Thursday, June 9th in response to the Governor’s veto of S. 230 – the Energy Development Improvement Act.  Renewable Energy Vermont supports the veto because last minute changes made to S. 230 threaten Vermonters clean energy choices, our ability to reduce climate pollution, and thousands of sustainable, local jobs.
We need your help TODAY to urge the legislature to sustain the veto and work collaboratively to pass a simple fix of S.230 to help communities move forward with the resources they need to achieve Vermont’s clean energy and climate pollution reduction goals. Below are sample messages and contact information for legislators for your convenience. 
#1 – Please call or email your legislators today!  All the information you need is below.
#2 – We need you Thursday.  Please also join us this Thursday, June 9th at 9:30 a.m. in the State House cafeteria in Montpelier.  We need a strong showing of support for renewable energy as the Senate and House convene to consider next steps on S. 230.  Let us know if you can join us on Thursday by emailing  Come as you would to work in the field, wear your company shirts – and we’ll provide the coffee.  Anti-renewable energy activists turn out in force and we cannot allow a vocal minority to shutter our clean energy progress. 
Call and Email Your Legislators TODAY:

SAMPLE MESSAGE – Please feel free to add your own message, but keep it short and simple.  If you use this sample – CUT & PASTE it into a clean email message to send.
Dear Senators & Representatives,
With Vermonters already experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change, it is important that we utilize all available tools – including wind energy, community solar, and other clean energy technologies to combat this challenge.  Please sustain the veto and fix S. 230 this week.  We need laws that increase our energy independence and support Vermonters who are making that happen, not bills impeding our choices and progress!
Your support for renewable energy is critical. Vermont’s clean energy industry supports at least 17,715 sustainable jobs, representing approximately 6% of Vermont’s total workforce.  Renewable energy created 1,800 new jobs in Vermont last year alone!  I am counting on you to keep it possible for Vermonters to choose affordable clean energy and for my company to maintain sustainable jobs for our employees. 
Please sustain the veto and support the simple fix for S. 230.
[your name & title, company, and town of residence]
Also Call Senate and House Leaders:
Call Senate Pro Tem John Campbell: 802-828-3806
    Message: Renewable energy creates local jobs and reduces climate pollution.  Please sustain the veto and fix S. 230.
Call Speaker Shap Smith: 802-828-2245
   Message: Thank you for working to fix S. 230 and sustain the veto.
Thank you for all that you do to support renewable energy.  Please reach out to your legislators TODAY and make plans to join us in the State House this Thursday.
Olivia Campbell Andersen
Executive Director
Renewable Energy Vermont
P.S. – Please forward this message to your colleagues and friends, asking them to take action to support clean energy.

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