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Energy Labels for Homes Now Available in Vermont

Information on a homes energy performance can be of great value to homeowners, buyers, and sellers. Yet, this information is often hidden – integrated into a range of elements in a home, including mechanical systems and the building shell itself – making energy performance virtually invisible until now.

Vermonters now have an energy label for homes. The Vermont Home Energy Profile reveals a homes expected energy use and costs and provides an overall Home Energy Score, based on U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) standards. Available for single-family homes and townhouse-type condominiums in Vermont, the profile shows homeowners how their homes energy performance compares with that of other homes. The profile enables sellers to communicate the energy performance of their home to potential buyers. It can be used by home buyers as an “energy inspection,” providing information about what to expect in terms of energy performance and costs. The profile also creates an opportunity for buyers to include efficiency improvement costs in mortgage financing at the time of purchase.

The Vermont Home Energy Profile is an independent, objective assessment based on a homes features such as size, structure, insulation levels, and mechanical systems. The profiles energy use and cost estimates include electricity, gas, oil, and wood, using standardized assumptions about weather, occupancy, and usage of lighting and appliances. It does not rely on actual utility bills.

How to Get a Profile

The Vermont Home Energy Profile is available through Vermont contractors, home inspectors, and energy auditors who have been certified as DOE Qualified Assessors. Assessors set their own prices, currently estimated to be in the $100-300 range. When a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor provides a profile in conjunction with an energy audit or improvement project, the profile cost may be lower.

Once the visit is scheduled, the energy assessor will come to your home and conduct a one- to two-hour walkthrough and an inspection of elements of your home, including insulation levels and heating equipment. With this information, the assessor will produce a customized Vermont Home Energy Profile, provided to you by email or in hard copy.

You can find a list of Vermont Assessors at or by calling Efficiency Vermont, toll-free, at 888-921-5990.

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