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Southern NH Planning Commission Event: Multimodal Transportation Options and Complete Streets

Legislators, professional planners, and transportation stakeholders from the Southern New Hampshire Region will be coming together for the first of nine state-wide events to discuss multimodal transportation options and complete streets.

The group will meet at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on May 6, 2016 at 9:30 AM and begin the event with a brief presentation on Complete Street’s ability to increase economic vitality, safety, and public health. Following the presentation, participants will be able to experience Manchester’s transportation options via a tour guided by local transportation and planning professionals.

Participants will be able to decide which type of transportation option they would like to experience. One group will have the option to ride Manchester’s Green Dash bus accompanied by a short walk to experience first-hand how Manchester’s public transit fits into the City’s transportation network. The second group will have the option to ride their bikes on a 5-6 mile loop around the Queen City. After the guided tours each group will have the opportunity to share their on-the-road experiences and discuss how encouraging complete streets would impact transportation options in the City.

Please RSVP to Sylvia at SNHPC, svonaulock(at) or call 669-4664. Additional information can be found online as well as by contacting Rebecca Harris at RLHarris(at)

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