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Renewable Energy Vermont Statement on 2016 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report

Vermont’s small businesses and energy innovators are working hard to help their neighbors, farms, schools, and towns achieve energy independence with clean, renewable energy,” said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy Vermont Executive Director.

“Each sustainable job within the clean energy sector represents a skilled craftsman, a recent college graduate, or an entrepreneur that is able earn a stable living to feed their family, support their community, and stay in Vermont.”

The full 2016 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report can be viewed online at

Renewable Energy Vermont represents businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals committed to reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing clean renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vermont.  Vermont’s clean energy economy supports at least 17,700 sustainable jobs at 2,519 businesses, representing approximately 6% of Vermont’s workforce. 

Together, we will achieve 90% total renewable energy (electric, thermal, transportation) by 2050.

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