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Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” viewing and discussion

Join a community gathering to watch Michael Moore’s latest movie, “Where to
Invade Next”, followed about a discussion.

When: Thursday 6/2 at 6pm
Where: Norwich VT
RSVP: via this link.
or call 802-649-8913 (home) and 603-381-3801 (cell)

Perfect timing during the primary elections to work towards commonsense
policies like universal health care, paid family leave, and free higher
education that can actually work in the United States. After the movie,
stick around for an open discussion where we’ll explore questions and
brainstorm ideas for taking action.

Bring something for our potluck dinner. Beverages will be provided. Since
the movie is 120 minutes long, it probably makes sense to watch the movie
while we eat.

Thank you Irit for organizing and hosting this event.

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