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This thingCharger Thing

The thingCHARGER is handy in the kitchen when needing to read a recipe at the same time as charging. Courtesy photo.

The thingCHARGER is handy in the kitchen when needing to read a recipe at the same time as charging. Courtesy photo.

By Ticia Y. McGean

I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt loving a piece of inanimate technology, but then I get a text message from my daughter with a silly photo attached, or I am out with my adorable niece taking videos of her antics, or I say something starting with “I wonder” and then dont anymore thanks to the magic of Google. I dont want to waste paper (or risk losing the boarding passes, as I am wont to do) and love using the e-tickets to get on the plane, in the movie, play, show etc. I love not needing books that also waste paper, as I use my Kindle app to read all of the time, even at night without keeping my husband up. I love that I have a flashlight immediately when I need it. I love getting my email and other notifications and being able to immediately respond, or track my family on flights. I love that my niece and my mom get to do “facetime” even though they are 3.5 hours away, and she knows her Mamu (Gramma) immediately. I could go on and on (and yes, I do also enjoy using it as a phone, sometimes).

But the key issue here is that the phone only works if it has a charge. In a house with three smart phones, there used to be a scarcity of chargers, but no more! This thingCHARGER has really made a difference, and it does not ever get lost. We really enjoy the versatility of it, too. It has come in very handy in the kitchen, when I need to read a recipe at the same time as charging. It is handy to have the ability to switch both the charger type, as well as the orientation of the charger, with just a push in of the button. Conveniently, the other plug adaptor is stored on the inside for when iPhone friends come to visit.

There are only two issues that we have noticed.

One is that some phones do not have their plug in the middle, as is the case with my husband’s phone. The port for his phone is on the side, so we have to put a penny under it to not make it shift, so that it will work.

The second is something my brother and his wife experienced while living in an older building where the outlets were all sideways and down near the floor. The thingCHARGER really needs to be up on the wall or a counter. They moved to a newer home and are now able to plug it into a wall socket where it works perfectly.

Oh, we also love the USB ports on the bottom. Now we can have all the charges going on! 

Learn more about these neat new thingChargers at

Ticia McGean is the Manager of Product Development for Map Info Pro at Pitney Bowes.

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