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An Eco-friendly Scooter that Grows with the Child:

Micro Kickboard®

Here is a 2-year old with her MINI2GO for toddlers.

Here is a 2-year old with her MINI2GO for toddlers.

By N.R. Mallery

We recently became aware of Micro Kickboard®, a neat, award-winning, eco-friendly company that provides great scooters so kids can get outside for some exercise and parents can have the satisfaction of buying something worth spending money on.

One thing that caught our attention is the green practice they call “Reduce to the Max.” In keeping with the practice, they use the best materials for strength, endurance and longevity, yet their products are lightweight. The sustainable designs use modular construction, so every part is replaceable. Their products use minimal materials, all of high quality that can be maintained virtually forever. Even their shipping policies reflect a desire to reduce waste, using less packing material and keeping them out of the waste stream.

Micro Kickboard offers a scooter that grows with a toddler taking him or her up to five years with one product. A toddler starts with sitting on a removable seat that can be used as a storage unit. The handle extends to accommodate the growing childs height.

We had the opportunity to try a Deluxe mini Microboard with a four-year-old neighbor boy. As you can see by the smile on Bodhi’s face, he is having a lot of fun on this model that is designed for children from two to five. This neat three-wheeled scooter has some great features. The turning mechanism incorporates a safe lean-to-steer design. The brake is engaged simply by pressing on it with your heel. The wheels are smooth, quiet, and non-marking. The deck is flexible and made with reinforced fiberglass. The handlebar can be adjusted for height as the child grows and makes the scooter easy to carry. Other models accommodate ages from five to 12, eight years and over, and teens and adults.

This is a great way to get kids outdoors – having fun and exercise that helps to develop balance and coordination used in many sports. The scooters are great while camping, on bike paths, at home or in your neighborhood.

Micro Kickboard® is the US distributor for Micro brand scooters and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The owners work with the world-wide headquarters for Micro-Mobility in Zurich, Switzerland. This innovative company was founded in1999.

Four-year old Bodhi from Bradford, VT enjoys the Deluxe Mini MicroBoard Scooter model. Courtesy photos

Four-year old Bodhi from Bradford, VT enjoys the Deluxe Mini
MicroBoard Scooter model. Courtesy photos

The original version of the scooter was actually designed for an adult. The story behind the creation of the first Micro scooter starts with Wim Ouboter, a young inventor living just outside Zurich. He regarded his favorite lunchtime sausage shop, the Sternen Grill, as too far to walk but too near for a car or even a bike. Recalling the scooter of his youth, he and his wife, Janine, set about designing a foldable scooter large enough for an adult. The resulting Razor scooter triggered a worldwide boom starting in 2000. (Read more in Wikipedia: Kick scooter: folding scooters.) Wim and his team went on to create many other award-winning innovations in the years that followed, and continue to do so today. The CEO of the company, Hans-Peter Bolliger was the early innovator in the sport of freestyle riding (also known extreme or stunt scooters) and today he leads the global Micro team, one of the top teams in the world!

Today they offer scooters for every age, starting with the MINI2GO for toddlers right up to the business world with an electric version called the eMICRO ONE, a folding electric hybrid scooter that uses the power of the electric motor and your own kick/push power.

Read more at, or call them at 888-236-5657. See the discount coupon for GET readers in their ad on page 39. Stay tuned for more from this earth-friendly company, in future issues of Green Energy Times.

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  1. Four-year old Bodhi, from Bradford, VT enjoys the Deluxe Mini MicroBoard Scooter model.

  1. Here is a 2-year old with her MINI2GO for toddlers. Courtesy photos.

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