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Earth Day “Funergy” Festival

April 24, 2016
North Conway Community Center
The Mt. Washington Valley Citizens for Energy Efficient Communities (a.k.a. Citizens Energy Team) will participate in an Earth Day event called “Funergy” on April 24, 2016, 10am – 2pm.  The Mt Washington Valley Green Team and 4 Your Kids Recycling are hosting this 6th Funergy Festival on the grounds of the newly constructed North Conway Community Center  focused on sustainable and green practices, and clean energy and recycling. The event is FREE and there will be a full slate of kid-friendly activities and green-living exhibits and demonstrations.
The Citizens Energy Committee will offer a scavenger hunt for youth with prizes, based on a model by Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI).  The game is adapted for this event and involves locating sustainable energy efficient implementations in and around the new community center, and matching pictures with a list of energy costs saving items.  Highlighting even the simplest of building energy saving devices gets the word out and stimulates the youth learning process for application to their own surroundings.  Prizes include LED bulbs and a Luci outdoor inflatable solar light.
In addition to live music, exhibits and demonstrations featuring alternative energy, energy conservation, and other environmentally friendly themes there will be local vendors selling their environmentally conscience wares. Demonstrations include a pedal powered shower pump and smoothie maker, along with kilowatt meter reader and incandescent and LED bulb displays.  Frase Electric and ReVision Energy will be among the exhibitors.

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