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NHEC Launches New Demand Response Program

PLYMOUTH, NH – In an effort to curb the impact of rising peak period electricity costs in New England, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) is offering its members new incentives to reduce their power consumption when demand for electricity is highest.

The Go Beyond the Peak! program rewards members for curbing their usage during peak demand periods. Members can choose from three options – installing load control devices on appliances and heating/cooling systems, a new rate plan that charges daily on-peak and off-peak rates, or a voluntary load reduction alert that notifies them when peak demand events are occurring. The ultimate goal of Go Beyond the Peak! is to reduce electric rates for all members by reducing peak demands. Complete program information and enrollment are available at

Peak demand events occur infrequently, usually during especially hot or cold weather, but they have a disproportionate impact on electric rates. NHEC must pay “capacity cost” to generation and transmission providers for the capacity to deliver peak amounts of electricity, even though that quantity is only needed for approximately 150 hours per year. If NHEC can reduce the amount of power its members need during peak demand periods, it can reduce rates year-round.

NHEC is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving 83,000 homes and businesses in 115 New Hampshire communities.

Contact: Seth Wheeler, (603) 536-8685,

1 comment to NHEC Launches New Demand Response Program

  • Suki Farland

    If one chooses to do the voluntary load reduction after being alerted when the peak demand is occurring, what will be the appliances etc. that one would try not to use?
    Some guidelines here are good so one knows what to expect in terms of change in lifestyle. I can modify my lifestyle during these times but would need some guidance from you. And knowing this IN ADVANCE may help me decide if I would like to participate.
    This sounds interesting and worthy!

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