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Is An Electric Car On Your Radar?


Want to purchase an electric vehicle but not sure where to start? Below is a comparison table of plug-in electric car models currently available in Vermont and the northeast.

Comparisons for Plug-in Cars Available In New England

A more detailed version of this comparison table is available on the second page of the Drive Electric Vermont Fact Sheet, which includes battery size, fuel tank capacity, DC fast charging availability, number of seats, cargo capacity, and lease cost. Go to:

*These are manufacturer range ratings. Significant reductions can occur in cold temperatures. An all-electric vehicle with 80 miles of claimed range might be reduced to approximately 40 miles on the coldest Vermont days.

**No Vermont dealerships, but vehicles are available to Vermonters in nearby states or online.

Several excellent online sources for plug-in vehicle information are also linked below:

Green Car Reports:

Plug-in Cars:

Consumer Reports:

Go Electric Drive:

Additional details on several models are included in posts on the Drive Electric Vermont Blog at More information is available at


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