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Efficiency Vermont’s Better Building by Design


Feb. 3 & 4, 2016

Efficiency Vermont’s Better Building by Design (BBD) Conference and Trade Show is coming right up – on Feb. 3 & 4, 2016, at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center in South Burlington, Vermont!

This is an incredible event that you don’t want to miss. Be sure to click HERE, or on their ad in our right column to learn more.

BBD 2016 event will welcome Vermont’s own, Bill McKibben, who is one of the founders of McKibben will be presenting the Keynote Address at 8:30 am on Wednesday.

After a break at 10 am, the Workshops will begin. Be sure to check their website for time and dates for each of these workshops HERE. Here is a list of the 42 Workshops scheduled for this important event:

  1. Best Practice Designs for Cost-Effective Approaches to Net-Zero Energy Commercial Building Enclosures
  2. Passive for the Masses Tunneling Through the Cost Barrier through Innovative Design and Production Methods
  3. Using Standards and Technology to Create Efficiency in Energy Data Management
  4. Energy Efficiency Strategies for Complex Projectsthe Case of the Waterbury State Office Complex
  5. Multiple Measure Efficiency ProjectsMaximizing Returns for Commercial Buildings
  6. The Economics of Net Zero
  7. The Challenges of Creating the Perfect Conditions for Proper Machine Processing of Polyurethane Foam
  8. Are You Picking Up What Your Building Is Laying Down? Getting the Vibe from Smart Grid and Sub-metering Data
  9. Making LED Upgrades Easy: Moving from T8 to LED + Controls
  10. Design Phase Commissioning the Advantage of Quality Assurance Before Construction
  11. Balancing ResiliencyResilient River Apartment
  12. State of the ArtHigh-Performance Natural Building for Cold Climates
  13. What Were Learning about Mechanical Systems in Low-Load Homes
  14. Is It LEDs All the Way? What Architects, Specifiers, and Installers Need to Know
  15. Why Energy-Efficient Buildings Are Healthy Buildings
  16. Owning the Air: Controlling and Verifying Commercial Building Airtightness
  17. Combining Beauty, Craftsmanship, and Energy EfficiencyPresenting Three Just-Big-Enough Houses
  18. LEA Lake Science CenterPreservation and Energy Efficiency
  19. What Were Learning in Net-Zero Energy Homes
  20. High-Performance Glazing and Historic Considerations
  21. Energy Models Versus RealityWhere Did Your Savings Go?
  22. Glare MattersHow to Control It
  23. Affordable Passive House Commercial BuildingsSecrets Revealed
  24. Whole Building Energy Efficiencya Look at the Energy Champ Challenge in Burlington
  25. Interstitial CavitiesPathways to the Unknown in Your Retrofit
  26. An Introduction to OLEDsthe Other Solid-State Lighting Technology
  27. Taming the 900-Pound Gorilla: Using Integrated Design to Create a Net-Zero Dining Hall
  28. Achieving Net-Zero Energy Affordably TodayThe Modular Housing Innovation Project
  29. Innovative Opportunities for Financing Energy Efficiency Upgrades
  30. Multifamily Retrofitsthe Path Forward for Multifamily Efficiency Programs
  31. Evaluating Heat Pump Efficiency
  32. Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Performance of 21 Vermont Homes
  33. Keys to Marketing High-Performance Homes
  34. The State of the ArtPresent-Day Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  35. Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) at the Waterbury State Office ComplexLessons Learned from the Perspectives of Architect, Builder, and Commissioning Agent
  36. Commercial Net ZeroDesign and Construction Lessons Learned through Efficiency Vermonts Commercial Net Zero Pilot Program, Part 1
  37. All About Windows
  38. Designing for PerformanceA Data-Driven Approach to Complete Building Performance
  39. Better Than BeforeHVAC System Improvements via Engineered Retrofits
  40. Commercial Net ZeroDesign and Construction Lessons Learned through Efficiency Vermonts Commercial Net Zero Pilot Program, Part 2
  41. How to Build High-Performance Homes for Less Than $150/Square Foot
  42. Passive House StrategiesOutside the Box

And you won’t want to miss their impressive Best of the Best Awards that will be given out to many deserving candidates for their outstanding efforts and achievements. The are leading the way to a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

It’s hard to believe that BBD can offer all of this in the two-day event. Green Energy Times hopes to see you there. To learn more click HERE.

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