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VT PSD Requests Public Comment

Vermont’s Public Service Department requests public comment on an addendum to the 2016 Electric Plan.

Montpelier, Vermont – The Public Service Department today released for public comment a draft addendum to the 2016 Electric Plan. The Electric Plan is incorporated into the 2016 Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP). This draft addendum was not available in time to share for public comment concurrent with the CEP public comment period which recently concluded, so it is being made available for comment now through December 11, 2016.

The Department has reviewed the draft Electric Plan and determined the need to update the plan to incorporate guidelines for electric distribution utilities in the preparation of integrated resource plans (IRPs) and providing general information regarding the process the Department uses to determine whether a proposal is consistent with the Electric Planunder section 202(f) of Title 30. Integrated resource plans are documents developed by each utility every three years that describe the utility’s plan to meet the public’s need for energy, after safety concerns are addressed, at the lowest present value life cycle cost, including economic and environmental costs.

As noted above, the Department seeks public comments and input regarding the addendum by December 11, 2015. Following the close of the public comment period, the Department will revise the addendum and release a final document in concert with the Comprehensive Energy Plan in early 2016.

The draft addendum is available for download at

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