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VECAN Conference

E-News BannerGreetings to Vermont’s Climate Action and Clean Energy Enthusiasts!

If it’s not on your calendar – or you haven’t already registered for VECAN’s 8th Annual Community Energy and Climate Action Conference, register now! This is an event you don’t want to miss, and it takes place this coming Saturday! The day offers many inspiring, informative workshops, a fantastic keynote and unparalleled networking opportunities (including with over 30 sponsors!).

REGISTER TODAY! and join us on December 5th, 9:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee, Vermont.

The day will be launched with a national lay of the land from Congressman Peter Welch and culminate with some inspiration and essential context from keynote speaker Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute.

The theme of the day is: A Common Agenda: Transforming Vermont’s Energy Future. The goal is to connect attendees to the information, programs and partners they need to help Vermont transition to a clean, renewable, 21st century economy – as well as seek your input on how to make this transition happen.

Find out far more and register at

Two sessions of in-depth workshops range from pioneering rural transportation solutions to measuring, assessing and prioritizing energy action, from seizing solar in 2016 to pricing carbon pollution – and and many more timely, informative sessions. Don’t miss the chance to engage in these important issues! Each workshop is aimed at building the expertise and capacity of grassroots energy leaders… and building the kind of broad, diverse public support for needed energy and climate action.

It’s an incredible opportunity to connect with local and state energy leaders as well as Vermont’s leading clean energy businesses, organizations, institutions and state agency partners who generously help make this day possible.

Register today. The event is this Saturday!

Also, please spread the word to others you know who are rolling up their sleeves and partnering in the opportunity and responsibility to reduce our collective reliance on fossil fuels. Encourage them to attend this inspiring event and join the movement toward a clean, fossil fuel-free future. Hope to see you Saturday!

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