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The Secret is Out:

Homeowners Want Zero Ready Homes

If homebuyers acted in their own self-interest, Zero Energy Ready Homes would be everywhere in the market. But they are not. The superior homeownership experience with Zero Energy Ready Homes that live, work, last, and feel better has been a secret. No longer. The U.S. Department of Energy has just launched the Tour of Zero, an exciting new virtual tour of Zero Energy Ready Homes across the country. Visitors are able to view extensive photographs, homeowner testimonials, lists of innovations, floor plans, and key statistics including data on incredibly low or no annual energy consumption.

However, a key challenge is mobilizing consumers across the country to experience this difference so they can make more informed home purchase decisions. This national campaign is where you come in. DOE needs Innovation Partners vested in high-performance homes (e.g., manufacturers, associations, non-governmental organizations, utilities, and government programs) to engage American consumers to take the Tour of Zero and see the homes of the future that are available today. Collectively, we can increase homebuyer awareness and interest in zero energy homes that are better for homebuyers, communities, and the nation.

To visit the Tour of Zero Homes, go to

You can also join Sam Rashkin (U.S. DOE) in a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Webinar to learn more about this important opportunity to change the housing landscape. You can also help others find better homes by becoming a DOE Innovation Partner.

To register for the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Webinar on October 28th at 2:30-3:30 pm, go to .

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