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A Consumer’s Guide to Solar

Empowering people to make informed choices

By Matthew Myshkin, 33 pages, available online, $4.99

Book Review by George Harvey

This is a small book. The Kindle edition is only 49 pages. The pdf edition has only 33. It has many illustrations. I read slowly, but I could finish it during a coffee break.

This book’s few words are easy to understand. A person with no special background can take it in with little effort. But each sentence may have important value.

The cost of a solar system is not trivial, as anyone thinking about installing one should know. Even though the amount the system can save may be much greater than its cost, it is very likely worthwhile to think things over for a few extra minutes before making the investment.

The cost of this book ($4.99) is trivial compared to the value it could have for anyone considering installing a solar system. The time it takes to go through it is similarly trivial.

It is not merely a consumer’s guide. It is a guide for a complete novice. Nevertheless, it is probably a good book for nearly everyone, regardless of familiarity with the subject, because it can be used almost as a checklist of things to keep in mind. And I would really like to know if anyone can spot anything missing. Certainly, I cannot (though honestly, I am not known for such things).

With all I have read about solar installations, I do not feel like a complete novice. Nevertheless, the book had things in it I probably would have forgotten or overlooked if I were having a system installed. An example is remembering to check that the installer has insurance, just to avoid liability issues if there is an injury during the course of the work. I feel almost certain that I would have missed that point.

I would recommend this book to anyone involved in a solar installation, even the solar installers. They might benefit from knowing it is available, so they can guide potential customers to it. An informed customer is less likely to feel disappointed in good work done by an expert.

The one issue I have with the book relates to its design. You might call me old fashioned, but I like books printed on paper. The format for the book is such that it should be printed on sheets with four pages each. The number of pages is not divisible by four, and implies allowing three blank pages in the print copy. And I am sorry if anyone is disappointed by that objection. It is the best I can offer.

A Consumer’s Guide to Solar is available at Amazon through

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