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Buildings Energy Efficiency
Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT)
2016 Funding Opportunity Coming Soon

With an emphasis on residential buildings, the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) open-topic funding opportunity focuses on projects related to innovations and further technology development. The Building Technologies Office (BTO) Emerging Technologies Program has issued a notice of intent to release BENEFIT, which will highlight advanced sensors and controls technologies as well as advanced air infiltration diagnostics innovations.

The Innovations section will support: research and development (R&D) in an open topic in which any innovative technology, approach or tool not already supported by BTO or described in a BTO roadmap will be considered; development of hardware and/or software solutions for real-time occupant-centered control of building systems; and novel air infiltration diagnostic technologies. The Frontiers section will support R&D into further development of wireless sensors and sensor platforms for building operation data collection, and development of advanced air-sealing technologies designed for use in existing buildings. In addition, a Buildings University Innovators and Leaders Development supplemental section will provide a maximum of $100K/year to prime recipients that are for-profit companies that partner with a university.

Read the entire notice of intent and check BTO’s funding opportunities Web page for updates on the announcement’s status.

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