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Solarize Dummerston Update

By Stan Howe, Solarize Dummerston Volunteer

Solarize Dummerston is a volunteer-run, grassroots cooperative group purchase program based upon the Solarize process that has been so successful across the country. It is open to residents and businesses from Dummerston, Vermont and surrounding towns.

To simplify the process of going solar, the Solarize Dummerston volunteers have selected three installers from the proposals we received. For community solar we selected Soveren Solar. For rooftop and fixed-ground-mount systems we selected Integrated Solar Applications. For solar trackers we selected Solaflect.

Each installer is offering a tiered pricing program where the price per watt decreases as they sell more solar within our program. The more people who buy a system, the cheaper it gets for everyone.

We currently have about 110 people who have signed up for the free site assessment. Over 100 individual proposals have been delivered to customers with more than 40KW currently under contract.

There will be a “Solar 101” event at the Dummerston Grange on August 27th with presentations on the financing and tax incentives available. Our installers will be on hand to answer questions. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

The deadline to sign a contract is September 30th. For more information or to sign up for a free site assessment visit

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