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New Hampshire REPA Benefits for Building Efficiency

By GET staff

Just about anyone interested in buying, building, or retrofitting a building in New Hampshire, whether as a customer or as a professional, might benefit from knowing about the New Hampshire Residential Energy Performance Association (REPA). REPA’s membership is made up of individual certified energy professionals who work in the field of building efficiency in New Hampshire.

REPA promotes building-energy best practices in New Hampshire. Part of its work is making the best information available to its members, who are experts in the field. Members begin as associates, and after a year they may move to full membership by demonstrating skill and knowledge. REPA provides informational services, including classes, to keep all members up to date with best practices. This is important in a rapidly-changing field.

REPA provides the people of New Hampshire the service of listing those experts who are known to be qualified. An online search engine can help home owners find energy experts by location and skill set, making it easier for people to connect with the best person for a job. REPA also is a source of general information on building energy topics.

REPA’s website is

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