Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

GMP Statement Praises New Climate Change Regulations

Green Mountain Power today issued the following statement in support of New Climate Change Regulations:

“Green Mountain Power, Vermont’s Energy Company of the Future, supports the new climate change regulations.  This aligns with GMP’s mission to deliver low-cost, low-carbon, and highly reliable power, which is critical to our energy future. And it also aligns with our shared Vermont goal to reduce carbon emissions and use more clean energy. In Vermont, the frequency and severity of storms caused by a changing climate have a high cost, and a practical plan for reducing carbon emissions is a key part of lowering costs for customers and increasing reliability.

“GMP is partnering with customers to accelerate the pace of change here in Vermont to  a more distributed energy future that is based on energy being generated closer to the home and where it is used. We are finding new ways to help Vermonters save money and be more comfortable, while moving to cleaner local sources of energy – exemplified by the deployment of substantial renewable generation in the past several years, our Energy Homes of the Future, “eHomes”, and our goal to make Rutland the Energy City of the Future. Generating energy through microgrids empowers customers to make more choices about how and when they use energy.

“While some utilities across the country are fighting innovative clean energy solutions, we are moving full steam ahead with our efforts to find new ways to bring down energy costs and generate more clean power. It is critical that we rethink the current grid and business model to more local distributed generation. We want to transform the distribution grid from a 100-year-old electric delivery model where energy is transmitted inefficiently across long distances to a new system designed to create efficiencies and distributed energy solutions through renewable technologies and energy storage. This is the future, and we are so excited to be a part of how Vermont is leading the way.”

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