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An Energy Efficiency Resource Standard for New Hampshire?

By Kate Epsen

There is a new development afoot that could open up an opportunity to achieve greater energy efficiency (EE) in NH and thereby dramatically increase demand for EE products and services.

NH has long studied the possibility of having an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS), but has continually lacked the political will to enact one.

However, in May, 2015, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission opened up a critical docket that would implement an EERS.

Now is the time to act. The New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association has intervened in this process. In order to move the process in a positive direction and achieve a result that creates an EERS with strong goals and realistic funding, we need to hear from New Hampshire residents, and for you to bring your technical resources that can overcome any opposition and inertia. We need you to get involved and help support this effort. Email Kate Epsen today, at

Kate Epsen is the Executive Director of the NH CleanTech Council-NHSEA (New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association)

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