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A Solar-Powered Stage in Warner, NH

The stage in 2015. Photos courtesy of Katherine Nevins, Main Street Bookends, Warner, NH.

The Stage. Photos courtesy of Katherine Nevins, Main Street Bookends, Warner, NH.

By N.R. Mallery

The Jim Mitchell Community Park, in Warner, New Hampshire, opened to the public on October 10, 2010, through the efforts of the non-profit MainStreet Warner, Inc. This Park was inspired and initiated by Jim Mitchell and his legacy to give back to a town he so loved. Mitchell, who died unexpectedly in 2008, was the brother of Katharine (Mitchell) Nevins, and who along with her husband, Neil, opened the solar-powered bookstore, MainStreet BookEnds in 1998. Together they co-founded MainStreet Warner, Inc. in 2000. The MainStreet Warner Stage is located in the amphitheater of the park, and is adjacent to MainStreet BookEnds.

Nevins said her brother became an ambassador for Warner, and coined the phrase, “Something wonderful is happening in Warner.” Those words are inscribed on the ground in the park and in the hearts of this community.

A 13th-century post-and-beam barn design, the stage was designed and built by the community – by local carpenters, volunteers, and with funds raised from the community, as well. It is run on four solar panels, installed by Harmony Energy Works of Hampton, New Hampshire. The park is irrigated by a stored rainwater system installed by Greenleaf Irrigation, and includes an “edible landscape” garden. The stage officially opened in October, 2013.

The Stage.

The Stage.

While the events scheduled for the 2015 season started on May 23, there is a summer full of fun that is powered from the sun, scheduled for 2015. Here is what they currently have lined up:

Additional events as they are confirmed can be found at and through the bookstore website at

Something wonderful is happening in Warner!

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