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Solarize Dummerston Open house June 30th

In Southern Vermont two solarize programs are running full tilt to sign up customers and net big savings on solar.

1. Residents of Brattleboro can join the Brattleboro Solar Summer program and choose from one of several solar installers participating in the program. During the Solar Summer campaign, the five participating solar installers are offering a discount of $50-$200/kilowatt ($250-$1,000 for an average home or business system) or shares in a community solar project (if available). The actual discount will depend on the number of Brattleboro residents that sign up for  solar during the campaign period (May 1 – September 30, 2015):

0-33 residents – $50.00/kilowatt
33-66 residents – $100.00/kilowatt
66-99 residents – $150.00/kilowatt
100 or more residents – $200.00/kilowatt

2. Solarize Dummerston offering three types of Solar: Community, Ground mount trackers and roof mount systems. All with potential discounts depending on the amount that is installed by the end of the program. For more information visit the http: Solarize Dummerston Web site or stop in at the Open House event on June 30th from 6-8 pm at the Dummerston Grange.

The program is open to all residents and businesses in the greater Dummerston area of 05346


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