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Renewable Energy Vermont Expresses Sorrow at the Passing of John Warshow

June 29, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that the Renewable Energy Vermont community learns of the passing of John Warshow.  For more than thirty years, John worked to advance renewable energy and conservation in Vermont – as a developer and owner of several hydroelectric dams, a participant in the development of wind and landfill gas projects, as a leader of the Vermont Independent Power Producers Association and a selectboard member of Marshfield.  John was one of the first anti-nuclear protestors of Vermont Yankee and was one of the leaders of the Clamshell Alliance that stopped Seabrook 2.  John’s critical thinking and logical perspective will be sorely missed.  In a past New York Times article, John was quoted as saying: ”We are committed to showing that you can develop alternative energy without wrecking the environment.  Vermont has a very high environmental consciousness. That’s the reason I live here.”  A native of Port Washington, L.I., John leaves his wife and two sons in Marshfield.


We at Green Energy Times would like to add our sorrow and condolences to John Warshow’s family and friends.

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