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Open House in Dummerston, Vermont

Solarize Dummerston is having an open house on Tuesday, June 30 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at the Dummerston Grange. All are invited. Please tell your friends, and neighbors, please share this event!

The Dummerston Grange is at 1008 East-West Rd. You can see where this is by visiting

There will multiple area’s set up in the Grange Hall, both upstairs and down, with space reserved for each installer to have a presentation area, as will financial institutions, local banks and credit unions.

The installers will have a 15 minute presentations in their area to allow leads to cycle through each presentation, followed and preceded by opportunity for Q&A or one on one. These will appear) as follows:

Soveren Solar 6:30-6:45
Integrated Solar at 6:50-7:05
Solaflect 7:10-7:25

A solarize Dummerston slide show, continuous loop, will be shown, with handouts describing the program.
There will be a kiosk for people to sign up on the web site.

We will have Snacks and drinks.

So if you are at all interested in going solar and want to get the Solarize discount please join us.

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