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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Upper Valley Food Coop Event

Friday, June 5 in the Gathering Room, upstairs at the Upper Valley Food Co-op

Brain Buzz!

Join Dartmouth Grad student, Jacob Heiling, who will be talking about Mutualisms in Nature.

  • Species interactions occur on a continuum
  • Cooperation is an emergent property of interactions between “self-interested” partners
  • Cooperative interactions (or “mutualisms”) can be thought of as barter transactions between species
  • What happens when one partner “cheats”? Are there sanctions against this?

5:30pm, upstairs in the Co-op’s Gathering Room

This is a FREE forum. Coffee & Tea provided!

– Reminder about library hours –

Our library of Sustainable Living Resources will be open and available to members during   Open Hours. Tuesdays: 10am to noon; Wednesdays: 4 to 6pm; Saturdays: 2 to 4pm. Come check out our selection of books and DVDs.   

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