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Senate Raid on Weatherization-Vote Tomorrow!


You’ve likely heard that the Vermont Senate is scrambling to fill the budget shortfall. We just learned that there are plans to raid funding for weatherization to help fill that gap.

A vote on these cuts is expected on the Senate floor TOMORROW – May 1.

It’s a tight economic climate and finding fixes is not easy, I’ve no doubt. As you know well, weatherization programs are essential to help Vermonters reduce their energy consumption – and their energy bills. They are also already woefully underfunded, keeping some low-income earners on waiting lists for multiple years. Taking dollars from an already-underfunded program to help fill a budget shortfall is completely shortsighted.

Please, take one minute to weigh in on this issue, at this critical moment.

You can leave a message for your senators with the Sargent of Arms at the State House. It’s easy:

  1. If you don’t know, find out who your senators are – click here to search by your town.
  2. Write down the names of your senators.
  3. Call 802-828-2228 and leave your name, town, number and a message (find a sample below) for each of your senators.


Hi my name is {YOUR NAME}.

I’m calling today because I understand the Senate is considering using weatherization funding to close the budget gap.

Weatherization programs are critically important to helping Vermonters reduce energy usage and save money. Funding for these programs should not be cut to fill the budget.

{ Leave your name, town, number and a thank you…}

THANK YOU for all you can do — and do.


Johanna Miller,  Energy Program Director and VECAN Coordinator
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