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Safeguarding High Level Radioactive Waste at VT Yankee

WHEN: Monday April 6 7:00-9:00 PM

WHAT:  Presentation, Q&A and discussion on radioactive waste management

WHERE: Parlor, Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St., Brattleboro, VT

WHO: Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear

One of the most important topics for the future of Vermont and the Connecticut River Valley is what to do with the radioactive waste generated by the Vermont Yankee nuclear power facility. Over 900 tons of high-level waste currently sits in a irradiated nuclear fuel pool above the reactor. Decommissioning plans call for moving the waste into dry cask storage on-site by 2021 and off-site by 2052. However, there is currently no national disposal site or centralized interim waste storage facility to accept the waste in 2052. What are our options? Kevin Kamps will give a presentation on radioactive waste and irradiated nuclear fuel management. A facilitated discussion of options for Vermont will follow.

Kevin Kamps serves as Radioactive Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear, where he specializes in high-level radioactive waste management and transportation, decommissioning issues, and tracking nuclear issues on the Federal and state levels. He has testified before officials at the highest levels of the U.S. federal agencies charged with radioactive waste management, including the Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Environmental Protection Agency. He has also educated U.S. Congressional offices on these issues. In January 2010, Kevin testified about the hazards of radioactive leaks from atomic reactors before a joint hearing of the Vermont State House of Representatives and Senate.

Sponsored by the Safe and Green Campaign


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