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New Hampshire HB205 and Other News:

Senate Committee vote 4-0 for NH C-PACE!

Greetings all and more good news,

This morning, NH’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted 4-0 on House Bill 205, the bill that rewrites the NH C-PACE statute in a way palatable to so many stakeholders, and fits nicely with our program design. It is scheduled to go to the Senate Floor on Thursday, April 23 for a vote. We are optimistic about these next steps: having unanimous support in NH’s feisty House and now in the Senate Committee, bodes well. Then, if all goes well, on to the Governor!! For more information, check out our updated C-PACE page on our website:

Here are two fun articles about the Jordan Institute and Resilient Buildings Group, and some of our clients/partners/friends in this week’s Concord Insider:

There’s a great conference on historic preservation this Friday, sponsored by the NH Preservation Alliance. For more information:

We are delighted to work with the Preservation Community to make commercial buildings energy efficient and resilient to last the next 100 years.



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