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State Designates Green Energy Times as Vermont Green Business

Bradford, VT., January 13 – Green Energy Times, located in Bradford, VT, has been named a Vermont Green Business by the State of Vermont, for environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts. The Vermont Green Business Program provides assistance to businesses desiring to “green up” their operations and recognizes businesses of all sizes for meeting a set of environmental standards. These standards are posted on the program websites (

In addition to participating in an environmental assessment, Green Energy Times (GET) adheres to green and environmentally-conscious practices wherever possible in all aspects of operation. Additionally, GET engages those who understand the importance of this for any assistance they can offer, to improve environmental impacts. Green Energy Times is focused on creating environmental understanding through education and examples in our bi-monthly free, mission-based publication.

We are 100% powered by renewable energy and consider our carbon footprint in everything we do.

The Vermont Green Business Program is a joint effort between the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Vermont Small Business Development Center and is voluntary and free of cost to participating businesses. Vermont businesses designated as Green Businesses are recognized for going beyond compliance with existing environmental regulations, using resource conservation strategies and implementation of environmental best-management practices.

About Green Energy Times:

“Our mission is to motivate everyone, including businesses, communities, organizations, and individuals, to be able to make educated measures to reduce their carbon footprints and to be responsible for our sustainability and energy independence. We believe the need to accomplish these things is urgent, both to stop climate change and to provide for the health and well-being of both the environment and all people. Furthermore, we are convinced that while education is one element of accomplishing these ends, another is by being living examples for others to follow.”

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