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Last Minute, Legislative Assault on Energy Efficiency

Take Action – Support Efficiency

Yesterday the House Ways and Means committee voted to pass an amendment that would limit Efficiency Vermont’s electric efficiency work. That work has saved Vermonters nearly $850 million. If enacted, this provision would increase the amount of money Vermonters spend on energy by $10-$14 million in the next 10 years.

Tomorrow, we expect the full Vermont House to consider another amendment that would eliminate Efficiency Vermont’s weatherization work.

Please take one minute right now to call the State House at 800-322-5615 and leave a message for your representative to let them know you support efficiency, and want them to oppose any cuts to efficiency programs.

The state has set a goal of weatherizing 80 thousand homes by 2020. If we continue with business as usual we will fall short by more than 40,000. We need to ramp up efforts to cut energy use, and cutting successful programs that do exactly that is a bad idea.

Again, please take a minute to call the State House and tell your representative to stand up for weatherization and efficiency programs that save Vermonters and ratepayers significant


Here’s how to leave a message for your representative at the State House:

  • Call toll-free 800-322-5616 as soon as you can. The office is open from 8am-4:30pm.Ask to leave a message for your Representatives.
  • Provide your Name, Town, and Phone Number.

A Potential Message:

  •  Please stand up for efficiency and weatherization, and vote against any attempts to cut efficiency investments.


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