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FTC Rejects Vermont Law School’s Claims

Colchester, Vt – Green Mountain Power is pleased to announce that the FTC has rejected a request by Vermont Law School’s Environmental Clinic for an investigation targeting Vermont’s renewable energy laws.

State laws aimed at encouraging renewable generation have helped Vermont create the highest number of solar jobs per capita in the country as well as the development of wind energy and biomass. Utilities like GMP utilize the REC market to help expand renewable generation and keep rates low for their customers.  The FTC urged GMP to provide clear, ongoing communications with customers about REC sales to avoid confusion or misinformation about where energy attributes are sold. GMP will work hard, as it always does, to communicate regularly and effectively with customers.

“We are pleased that the FTC has declined to open an investigation into this meritless claim.  When the claim was filed, a group of Vermont business, energy, and state leaders joined GMP in supporting a clean energy future and expressing their disappointment at Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic for filing this claim,” said GMP Spokesperson Kristin Carlson.  “GMP is proud of its leadership accelerating the adoption of renewables, while keeping costs low for Vermonters by selling RECs, and helping Vermont become a national leader in clean energy. We remain committed to open and clear communications with Vermonters about our energy portfolio and the importance of selling RECs to encourage more local renewable generation while keeping costs low.”

The sale of RECs produced about $30 million of value this year alone, dollars that went directly into the pockets of GMP customers through lower rates.

GMP’s leadership in clean energy development is nationally recognized. Vote Solar named GMP a solar champion in 2014, an award that honors leaders for outstanding efforts to make solar power a mainstream energy resource, and in 2013 the Solar Electric Power Association named GMP Utility of the Year. In addition, GMP operates 32 hydro-electric plants, selling the RECs from some of those plants, and operates and sells RECs from the Kingdom Community Wind and Searsburg wind farms, administers the Cow Power program among other leading clean energy projects.

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