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Burn Pellets without Electricity

By Pablo Fleischmann, owner of GEO

The Wiseway gravity-feed pellet stove

The Wiseway gravity-feed pellet stove is a wonderful new invention which burns pellets without requiring electricity. Many people who have been shied away from a conventional pellet stove’s dependency on electricity are finding these to be great alternatives. The stove will put out 55,000 BTUS on high which is comparable to that of a medium-sized wood stove. They are simple to operate and lightweight enough to be semi-portable, making them ideal for camps, cottages, or workshops.

Gary Wisener, the inventor, made the first one in 1999 in Medford, Oregon for his own personal use, from his experience as a machine shop foreman. He would bring it up to his hunting cabin, use it on his porch, and heat his home with it. Word spread and soon he was building them for neighbors, friends, and family. Now he has a fledgling distributor network across the US. Green Energy Options (GEO) in Keene, NH has sold more than a dozen stoves to customers for various uses. One heats a home from the basement, one heats a yurt, and another a greenhouse. “Because of its unusual shape, it’s one of the first things people comment on when they come to our store,” says manager, Owen Travers. “Many of our customers are concerned with energy consumption or have outbuildings with no utilities, so it’s a natural fit.”

“The one thing we stress when we have customers considering the stoves is ensuring the proper draft.” Since the stove has no fan or auger, the natural draft is essential for the stove’s functioning. Too little draft and the stove will back-puff into the house. Too much draft and the stove cannot be burned on low. “We use a 4” pellet vent pipe, barometric dampers, Vaccu-StacksTM, and fresh air kits to fine-tune the draft. Each application is slightly different. The stove works best when vented straight up. Ninety-degreeº bends can’t be used and horizontal runs must be minimized.” For 2014/15, Wiseway has released a new version of their stove that produces more heat and requires a conventional 6” stove pipe and chimney. A new feature is also a window to view the flame!

“I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg with these first gravity-feed stoves. There is a lot of room for experimentation and diversity with a stove like this.” Ice-storms, watch out! Your days of disabling heating devices may be numbered!

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