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BuildingEnergy 15 is Only 12 Days Away

As a primer to his Keynote address at BuildingEnergy 15 (only 12 days away),  Karl Rábago has shared an in-depth article about the impacts of distributed generation & renewables on the grid as we know it.

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NESEA is pleased to have Karl Rábago, Mary Powell, and Ron Binz as the featured speakers in the BuildingEnergy 15 Opening Plenary & Keynote address, described thusly:

“Most of us take the electrical grid for granted. But it is perhaps the most complex technological achievement in human history. After more than a century of relative stability, the grid is changing fast. Our conference plenary will explore the technology and policy solutions evolving to enable a more reliable, resilient, environmentally responsible and affordable electricity grid. Some of the nation’s most interesting and influential energy thought leaders will present their ideas on how the electrical distribution system and energy markets should be organized in the future and how those changes will impact the ways we all use energy.”

For background on our speakers and what to expect from the session,

Read Fred Unger’s preview of this session on

From the article:

“For the architects, builders and building owners in the audience, we’ll explore how emerging realities will change the way your buildings interact with the grid, not only as consumers, but also supplying energy, load balancing and other services to the grid. On-site generation and building based electrical storage will have significant impacts on building design and provide both utility cost savings and revenue generating opportunities. Emerging changes in policy will impact the buildings NESEA members are building today…”


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