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Building Analyst Class Starts Mar. 25

Lakes Region Community College is offering its BPI Building Analyst energy auditor class and certification testing starting Wednesday, March 25.

  •  Seven Wednesdays and Thursdays, March 25 – April 15, all day 8-4
  •  About half of the instruction in the field
  •  At Lakes Region Community College in Laconia
  •  Expert instruction and excellent energy diagnostics equipment
  •  Associated with BPI Building Analyst certification tests:
    •     Online Building Analyst test on the afternoon of April 9
    •     Field Building Analyst test in mid-late April
  •  $1,200 tuition for the class component; $250 written test;  $450 field

For more information and registration instruction go to:

We are also doing written BPI testing next Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 24, and field testing in mid March.  Contact me for more details.

Fast-track Building Analyst Review and certification testing are available as separate components.

Familiar with the BPI-1100 and BPI-1200 standards?  BPI now bases Building Analyst certification on these new technical standards.  Check them out at:

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