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Brain Health 101

By Larry Plesant, Vermont Organic Soapworks

I will quote Woody Allen, “My brain! Why that’s my second favorite organ!”

This article is the first in a two-part series on maintaining a healthy brain in modern times. Twenty-first century humans require super nutrition to maintain healthy brains! Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and autism are just three of the modern-day plagues descending on our modern-day human brains. Fortunately you can fight back with super nutrition.

Let’s jump right in with one of my favorite brain foods: Nutritional or brewer’s Yeast. They are a little different, but for this article we will use the term nutritional yeast as a catch all for both.

Nutritional yeast is what they make B vitamins from, and it contains trace minerals that we all need to stay optimally healthy. It is a complete protein (18 amino acids!) and does not contain any sugar, dairy, gluten etc. The stuff at most co-ops has added B-12 and is really cheap. A year’s supply is about $15. I love it on popcorn and on my eggs for breakfast. Tastes kind of like cheese!

I came of age in the 1970’s and watched a lot of my friends blow out their brains with powerful shamanistic substances. Some did not come back quite the same. During this time I was a vegetarian yogi and dirt poor. I drank a quarter- cup of nutritional yeast with a pinch of cayenne pepper and kelp as a broth every morning and credit this regimen with the survival of my brain cells. The niacin in nutritional yeast can make you flush red so don’t panic if this happens. Look up “niacin rush” online for more information. Some people believe this is healthy. Others are not so sure. You have to take a lot of yeast to get enough niacin for a flush (about a third of a cup depending on your body mass) so most people never see it.

Nutritional yeast contains water-soluble stuff that we use and use up quick so it is a good food supplement to take daily. However. If you are on MOAI’s (including depression medicine) you will have to pass it up as the natural tyramine in these food yeasts can interfere with your meds.

De-activated yeast products (they will NOT ferment in your belly or give you candida) also contain selenium, magnesium and other trace minerals necessary for optimal health. So go ahead and give it a try! Your brain (and the rest of you) will thank you for it.

This is The Soapman reminding you that beautiful skin begins from within!

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