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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

VNRC and Vermont Land Trust Go Solar

Buying Green Juice From Local Solar Array

VNRC and the Vermont Land Trust, with offices across the street from each other but with no space to put up their own panels, recently teamed up with Green Mountain Power to buy solar energy from a nearby array, lowering both organizations’ energy bills and greening their electric energy footprint. This exciting collaboration allows these organizations to power their offices with clean, local, renewable energy.

Under the agreement, the organizations buy the power from a private developer, David Boucher of Essex, who purchased and installed the solar panels with All Earth Renewables of Williston. The organizations pay a fixed fee every month for the electricity and each expects to save approximately 5 percent on their monthly electricity costs. The community solar project also adds more renewable power to the grid, helping to green the overall energy supply in the region. At left, VNRC’s Keil Corey stands in front of one of the All Earth Renewables solar trackers installed on Green Mountain Power property several hundred yards from VNRC’s offices.

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