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Sustainability Academy to throw trash on lawn

On Friday, December 12, K-5 students, staff, and parents of The Sustainability Academy in Burlington will toss a day’s worth of trash onto the lawn. They’re doing this to get a gander at what should have been recycled or composted instead of thrown in the garbage can and, ultimately, the landfill. This effort will establish a baseline of what types of waste are being generated. The data they collect will be used to guide them in efforts to better capture recyclables and compostables and keep them out of the landfill.

“They say Vermonters are a tough lot but the youngsters at the Sustainability Academy in Burlington are braving the cold weather to get their hands on their own trash,” notes Rhonda Mace, CSWD’s School & Youth Outreach Coordinator. “How much ‘stuff’ do they produce? We shall find out after the first waste audit!”

The Sustainability Academy is one of three schools in Vermont participating in the Green Cup Recycle Challenge, a national program of the Green Schools Alliance. You can see how they’re doing against their competitors on the Green Cup Recycle Results page.

WHERE: The Sustainability Academy, 123 North Street, Burlington
WHEN: Friday, December 12, 11am – 3pm
CONTACT: Suzanne Weishaar, at The Sustainability Academy, 802-864-8480

Ever witnessed a trash sort like this? We have, at schools, businesses, municipalities, even a fire station! Contact CSWD at 872-8111 or if you would like to hold a trash sort to see just how well you’re doing when it comes from keeping as much as possible out of the landfill. You might find some easy ways to further reduce your landfill footprint.

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