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Superfresh! Organic Café

By George Harvey

In Brattleboro, Vermont, Superfresh! Organic Café is rapidly coming to its first anniversary, having opened for business in its current location on January 18, 2014. During that year, the café has earned quite a reputation.

superfresh_facadeSuperfresh! Organic Café specializes in a very specific sort of vegetarian food. It is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, peanut-free, and wherever appropriate the food is raw. Also, whenever food can be locally sourced, it is.

For a vegan, there are two very good reasons to get food at the café. One is to eat great food. The other is to be able to prove to anyone else that vegan food can be both very satisfying and very yummy. As a non-vegan who has eaten there, I can attest to this. They say they offer “exquisite vegetarian cuisine,” and I certainly agree.

The café has a large number of menu choices. There are a number of breakfast items, including breakfast sandwiches, burritos, hash browns, pancakes, and breakfast bowls. There is a kids’ menu, with sandwiches, personal pizza, and various tidbits, for those of us who are still kids or remember being kids. And then there are dozens of soups, salads, sandwiches, side orders, and whole meals. There is a long list of beverages, including tea, coffee, juice, and smoothies (beer and wine soon coming). And there are a variety of tempting desserts. I think I will order a mushroom burger next time I am in, or possibly the (mostly) raw pad Thai. Or a fancy avocado sandwich.

The restaurant offers two very different, very nice views from the tables. If you are seated in front, you will be able to look out across the Connecticut River at WantastiquetMountain, which Brattleboro folk are very fond of. In back, away from the day’s traffic, you get to look over the Whetstone Brook. If you want you can get takeout.

Those who dine at the café on Friday or Saturday evenings are likely to hear live music, especially on the first Friday of each month, when Brattleboro has Gallery Walk. The café participates in this, so anyone there at that time can also see an art show.

Superfresh! Organic Café is owned by Jacob Roberts and Jessica Weston. Weston took interest in nutrition because of multiple food sensitivities. While she wanted to take care of her health, she did not want to neglect the soul-nutrition that comes with a really tasty and satisfying meal. The two wanted to share and promote fine vegan food with others.

Senja Curran, who manages the café stressed that the food is sourced locally as much as possible. Many vegetables come from Lilac Ridge Farm and much of the fruit used comes from Dwight Millar Orchards, both in the Brattleboro area. Other suppliers include Hermit Thrush Homestead, Gourmet Greens, and High Meadows Farm.

Superfresh! Organic Café is open for lunch seven days per week and for dinner on Thursday through Sunday. The number is 802-579-1751, and the web site is

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