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Solar PV Grants to Nine Nonprofits Awarded

Nine nonprofits, including two churches, a volunteer fire department and Rutland’s Paramount Theatre, will soon begin to generate some of their energy with help from the sun, thanks to grants from Green Mountain Power.

“These grants help further our mission to create a new energy system that is more environmentally and economically sustainable,” President and CEO Mary Powell said.  “As we continue to partner with customers and communities to create a more resilient and reliable grid, with micro-grids, renewable generation and energy storage, we will continue to help nonprofit groups embrace this exciting new world.”

Charlotte Congregational Church, Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in St. Johnsbury, the Paramount Theatre, Second Congregational Church of Bennington, Rutland County Parent-Child Center and Vermont Achievement Center will receive $20,000 each.

Rutland Community Cupboard was awarded a $7,000 grant, Mercy Ecology Farm in Benson will receive a $12,100 grant, and Guilford Volunteer Fire Department will receive a $16,400 grant.  All of the projects, which will cost at least twice the grant amount covered by other funding sources, are expected to be complete by next summer.

The projects stood out and were selected based on their impact on the recipients and their communities, additional sources of funds leveraged by the grants, and educational value associated with the projects.

“With nearly two dozen applicants, we were thrilled by the creativity and commitment to sustainable energy from all kinds of nonprofit groups,” said GMP Vice President Steve Costello.  “We are especially excited about the educational aspects of the winning projects, which include a video display in Rutland’s historic downtown theater that will be seen by thousands of people, and a solar safety training program for firefighters.”

Powell highlighted the value of helping non-profits reduce their energy bills. “Every dollar the Community Cupboard cuts from its power bill is a dollar that can help feed a hungry family or senior citizen,” Powell said.  “These grant recipients will help continue to show how we are leading the way in Vermont to help people save money and be more comfortable, while moving to cleaner sources of energy.”

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