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Prevent Outlet Drafts

Green Energy Times Staff

We have come across a nice-looking little device that can help reduce outlet drafts and improve household safety at the same time. It comes from a company called, “Mommy’s Helper,” located in Wichita, Kansas.

Safe-Plate™ is an automatic outlet cover. With the product installed, it looks nearly identical to a standard outlet cover, so it is not easily noticeable. When a plug is inserted, the cover slides out of the way automatically, and when the plug is removed, the cover slides back into place.

One advantage of the product is that it provides an air seal, reducing drafts and making the home more energy-efficient. Another advantage is that it helps protect children from shocks they could possibly get from uncovered outlets.

Models are available for both Standard and Decorative duplex receptacles, in white and eggshell colors. The product is approved by the Canadian Standards Association, and the manufacturer says installation is easy.

The Safe-Plate™ can be seen at

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