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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Dec 11 Antioch Film Event

Healthy Monadnock Endorces Dec 11 Antioch Film Event

Unacceptable Levels Film Event has been endorsed by Healthy Monadnock 2020.

Sponsored by Transition Keene Advocates and the Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability Program at AUNE

Date: Thursday Dec 11 at 7pm, Antioch University Main Building,  Avon St., Rm 231.

View this winner of the first-ever film prize for the Health and Environment category at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival!

Stay to discuss the 80 minute film with our panel of experts:

Jan McGonagle MD, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics;
Toni Ellsworth, Executive Director of RISE…for baby and family – Early Supports and Services;
Deborah de Moulpied, Faculty, Anticancer Lifestyle Program, Payson Center, Concord.

Theme: The chemicals that are invading our environment and bodies. The director invites his audience to put practical questions to themselves about these substances, which are potentially harmful to! health – and are found in our air, water, food, cosmetics, toys,… paints, every day products. He offers answers by questioning scientists and representatives of non-governmental organizations. Conclusion: Governments are not doing all they should to protect the public. The film encourages everyone to look more deeply into these questions.

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